The Design Process

We have been designing custom luxury homes for over 30 years. Our extensive experience locally, nationally and internationally makes us uniquely qualified in the industry. This is a very simplified overview of the design process. Every project we do is as unique as the client. Because we offer such a wide range of services our projects can range from simple concept design for a single family home to comprehensive community projects.

Meet & Greet:

The design process begins with a phone call. This is the time when we get to know each other and we talk about what you are looking for. Specifics are usually discussed and the depth of the project is established.

After the initial contact, each project is very unique to each client. Sometimes the client wants Dan to visit the property so he can get a sense of the location. This can help if the property has specific features that the home could take advantage of. Dan has traveled all over the country and the world to meet with clients and visit the home locations.

Frequently the clients choose to meet with Dan in our office here in sunny South West Florida. Not surprisingly, a lot of these meetings happen in the winter months.

A face to face meeting is not necessarily a prerequisite. We take advantage of technologies such as Skype to have meetings with clients and builders who’s schedules preclude meeting in person.

The Floor Plan Prelim:

After the initial meetings and perhaps a trip to the home’s future location, it is time to crunch the numbers. The information that has been gathered during the meetings and visits is used to create a preliminary sketch of the home.

This floor plan Prelim is a starting point. It will be sent to all the parties involved and there will be meetings to discuss it. Again, these meetings can be in person or done remotely. This step is a back and forth process giving everyone involved an opportunity to comment on the design. As the design takes shape there are always changes and revisions.

The Elevation Prelim:

Homes are designed from the inside out. Once the floor plan is finalized, then work starts on the exterior elevation. It will start with an Elevation Prelim, as with the Floor Plan Prelim this is a back and forth process. This is when the design starts to take on character.

Quite often we produce 3D renderings during this process. The 3D renderings are a great way to visualize how the home will look once constructed. They can also show how the home will relate to the landscaping.

The Complete Set:

Once the design has been finalized the project is completed in CAD. This is the final set of plans that will be used in construction. All the details and features that have been decided on will be indicated on the set of plans. Once the set is complete there is yet again another chance for the client and builder to review the plans. The key to a successful design project is communication and participation. Once the final set of CAD plans has been reviewed and approved they are then presented to the client.


If you would like to start a project of your own let us know. Get in touch with us if you have any comments or questions, we’d love to hear from you..