International Custom Designs

For more than 30 years we have had the pleasure of working with people from all over the world. Fundamentally, there is very little difference between designing a home that will be built outside of Boston and one that will be built outside of Belize City. Excellent international custom designs universally require talent and experience. We have traveled as far away as China and Russia and the one common thread we have learned is that people appreciate good architectural design and craftsmanship.

Custom Designed Single Family Homes

We have designed beautiful single family homes that make the most of the stunning views in places like Panama, Dubai, and India. There are challenges to working with clients who are on different continents. However, with todays technology distance is not that big of an obstacle. Our clients have found that the perfect compliment to a dream location like Hawaii or the Cayman Islands is a stunning custom home designed specifically for them.   

Custom Designed Communities

It is not just single family homes around the world that have benefited from our service but also whole communities. Through our involvement with a variety of developments from Mexico to China, we have worked seamlessly with countless different climates, cultures, construction methods and approval processes. We are always open to the opportunity to work with developers who are looking to create communities with unique and interesting design themes. The chance to use our creativity and experience to design a whole community is a uniquely wonderful experience. Because of that we make it a priority to create a pleasurable and efficient design process for your project.

No matter where you may be in the world, whether you are in need of a single home or an entire community that requires a custom design that will express your unique style we encourage you to contact us.