Ideal Home Design Team, Great Room photo

Selecting the Right Team for Home Design

Just as important as selecting the right site is selecting the Ideal Home Design Team. Securing the proper building designer, building contractor, interior designer and landscape architect/designer are critical to ensuring a well built custom luxury home. Each principal plays a vital role in the design process.

Home Design Professional

In selecting the ideal home design team, the building designer is critical in helping you assess the site and your needs to see if the two are compatible. They can take your wishlist and ideas and craft them into a home that takes full advantage of your site and its challenges. In interviewing candidates make sure you feel a chemistry with them and that they are attuned and concerned with your needs. Check their references to see how past clients felt about their experience. Selecting a designer that is either a licensed architect or a certified professional building designer can give you confidence as to their knowledge and/or ability. They can usually assist you in selecting some of the other team members as well. Remember price alone should not be a sole determinant in selecting this person. They can add value far beyond their fees if they are accomplished design professionals.

Home Builder

The building contractor is another critical part of the team. Their knowledge and experience can be indispensable to ensuring a well built home and a smooth build process. In addition to the same interview questions in selecting a building designer, make sure their background is compatible with the type and style of home you are building. For example a builder that builds mostly tract homes may not be a candidate for your new luxury custom home. Make sure they are team players and enjoy working with other team members. They should desire to create for you the best possible home and not simply the most convenient process for them.

Interior Designer

The interior designer is another important team member. There should definitely be a good chemistry between yourself and this professional. You will have to work extremely close with this professional as you evaluate and design the home’s character and fit to your lifestyle and tastes. They are important in evaluating the home’s schematic design and whether it will accommodate your furniture and needs. For this reason they should be brought on at least before you finalize your preliminary floor plan. It is much easier to adjust a wall length or window placement in this stage of the design process.

Landscape Architect/Designer

The landscape architect or designer is another important part of the team. They provide so much more than simply plant selections. We utilize landscape architects to design driveways, pools/spas, patios, outdoor fireplaces, trellises and so much more. I always think of their contribution as the gown for the bride.

Other Team Members

Other team players to consider are lighting designers, A/V designers, structural and mechanical engineers. Proper allowance and consideration for each of these disciplines can make the final product even better.

Remember, selecting the ideal home design team can make the difference between satisfaction and heartbreak in the biggest undertaking of most of our lives…building a new custom home.